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About company

 “VERIF” Co Ltd. together with the European company “TURANLAR” (Turkey) developed and launched the production of cabinet furniture.
All specialists in this branch have been trained and practiced in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, “VERIF” Co.Ltd. successfully produces a wide range of furniture. High quality control, project development, design and ergonomics, a delicate approach to every project detail guarantees you sophistication of furniture.
 The furniture of “VERIF” Co Ltd. is made on the professional European modern equipment of “TURANLAR” company. The materials used comply with hygiene standards as well as quality standards.
It is the PVC edge, which has established itself as a very wear-resistant edge material, is used in the manufacture of furniture.
  We make and execute orders of furniture in both classical and modern forms. Our equipment allows you to perform any work on the manufacture of cabinet furniture, such as: bedroom sets, hallways, kitchens and kitchen sets, wardrobes, a set of furniture for children, furniture for offices, managers and maintenance personnel or the living room that you need.
 “VERIF” Co Ltd. offers a full range of services for its customers — consultations on the selection of materials, metering, design and manufacture, delivery and installation of furniture. The team of «VERIF» company attaches great importance to the development and self-improvement.